juicemanrocks’s Threads
→how many times
· this song was wrote in 1999 i no the…
Audio Review01-25-2007 · 07:34 PM
→its time to party
· just a fun tune its fun to play but its…
Audio Review06-03-2006 · 12:24 PM
→never be
· i wrote this tune for my wife
Audio Review05-26-2006 · 06:40 PM
→all my freinds
· all my freinds are gone was written when…
Audio Review05-19-2006 · 06:22 PM
· just a tune i wrote for fun with fist…
Audio Review04-22-2006 · 08:36 PM
→piece of my heart co
· this is my band ratzass doing a janis cover
Audio Review04-22-2006 · 08:19 PM
→end of time
· this a song i wrote and recorded a few…
Audio Review04-22-2006 · 07:48 PM

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